Parents, students, and even friends have asked me why I don’t update my blog.
Has it really been that long?
It wasn’t that long ago when I was asked to be a faculty member of a private music school in Singapore. (What? It’s been a year!) Working hours were not that bad actually, but students one after another, in a tiny claustrophobic studio room– let’s just say it didn’t do my mental or physical health any good. Or maybe I have been too spoilt by the spaciousness of my own home studio…..

Undeniably, I have had the opportunity to work with really talented kids with extremely supportive parents: I will always remember each and everyone of you.

Student D , who started out from scratch with me and practised holding the violin everyday for 45mins, and by the 2nd lesson, no problem with violin holding. Respect.

Student S and (several others) who would cry when faced with the prospect of note reading and learning a new song– only to realise that after working on it for a little bit more, it got alot easier, and not as daunting or scary as the monster hiding under the bed..

Student S who asked me “Ms Meah, do you mean to say my fingers are fat?!” (P.S: the word I used was “meaty”, as space negotiation between fingers was in order).

So many other students who would throw tantrums, cry, get frustrated during lesson, but at the end of it, still hug me and say thank you for the new things they have learnt.

Supportive parents who reinforced teaching points, who would play the good cop, or the bad cop, if need be, in order for the child to progress.

I wish you all well and all the best in your endeavours! Keep the music going. :)

I’m glad it’s December. It allows me a month to “recuperate”, teaching a couple of students a week (kids these days are so lucky– they get to go on overseas school trips, exchanges, family vacations etc.), arranging trial lessons/ having short assessments for potential students: before it’s full steam ahead for the new year.
It finally gives me time to .. urm. update my blog, ahem, and reply my emails. Yes, today I finally bit the bullet and replied all my emails. *does a celebratory jig*
I have quite alot of people who wrote in the wrong email address in the comment box , so the email bounced back. So if you have not received a reply from me, please email me again. And please do keep the emails coming. I will try to get back to you within a day or two.

*fingers crossed*

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