cobweb cleansing


Received an email today saying that my blog is dead. Received another email from a mom, saying that her daughter read my blog and likes it. And there I was, thinking that nobody actually reads this! Well, so I’m back (-insert guilty look-) dusting off the cobwebs from here.



Well, so what have I been up to? July is a crazy month for me. Apart from preparing my students for their ABRSM exams, I have also been busy with rehearsals for Wild Rice’s latest production: La Cage aux Folles. Think I clocked in close to 40hours of playing in total (-ouch!-) just for this week alone. It’s beenĀ great to see everyone working as one big happy family– musicians, actors, dancers, production and technical crew, just to make everything come together, the amount of behind-the- scenes work is really amazing. Am totally looking forward to the tech and dress rehearsals next week when we get into the theatre!



In the meantime, please be patient while I get through all the backlogged emails. If you don’t get a reply from me within 3 days, please email me again!

La Cage aux Folles runs from 21 July to 4 August at the Esplanade Theatre. Anyone going to watch the musical? Drop me a note ! :)



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