Hello (Mid) July!

Hello everyone!

It’s been crazy busy, but hope everyone is doing well! My student asked me a few days ago, “DO YOU ACTUALLY CHECK YOUR BLOG COMMENTS?” Well, see, I’ve been getting notifications about comments being left on my blog but I don’t actually moderate them. Today, on the 16th of July 2013, the stars aligned and I am finally logging in after donkey months of not doing so. Lo and behold , I just discovered, to my horror, that I’ve been spammed! Hey, when I meant it’d be great to hear from you, I meant “you” as in humans, not robot spammers (or whatever you call these things. Autospammers? Not autobots? ) Deleting spam comments can be so therapeutic. As is apparent, I’m not really very good at maintaining a blog, so if you want to reach me, the best way would probably be to leave me a message or email me.

Otherwise, any advice on how to get rid of spam would be appreciated! Though on hindsight, using the word “spam” so many times in one blog entry is probably not going to make this blog “anti-spam”. Never hurts to try anyway. Till the next totally out-of-point blog entry, stay cool!

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