Got To Move (Meah X Amin) Collaboration

The video is finally out!!


Much love to the amazingly talented Amin Alifin, for bringing to life my first foray into writing/performing my own original music– this has been such an enjoyable and inspiring collaboration!

PS: Do watch till the end to witness the most terrifying stunt I’ve ever attempted!!

Duo Studio OHBOY Pictures
Cheryl Ow Hui – for my hair and makeup!

Anime Night (2nd Annual Concert 2015)

This year’s concert was a non-classical event, (vs 2014’s classical concert)- in line with my philosophy of exposing students to various genres of music. With an anime-themed programme, students had the opportunity to play solo anime music from Studio Ghibli, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Final Fantasy, Macross Frontier, just to name a few popular ones.

The programme booklet cover (Bearby the studio bear, dressed in a Totoro suit), specially designed by my very artistically-inclined student, Kirsten.


For this year’s concert, the studio was divided into two ensembles (junior & senior ensemble) which also allowed for more flexibility in repertoire.

In line with the anime theme, I specially arranged Joe Hisaishi’s “Promise of the World” from Howl’s Moving Castle for my 6 Junior Ensemble students- aged (4-9). For 5 of them, it’s the first time playing together in a group setting. And they pulled this off without me guiding them or waving my hands madly in the air during the concert. In fact, I could sit back and enjoy the concert, just like the rest of the audience. So proud of my little champions!

To up the ante further, the evening was complete with my arrangement of popular Cantonese rock favorite from Beyond (Hai Kuo Tian Kong), performed by senior ensemble students.
Students were presented with the rare chance to share the same stage with professional musicians- guest performers Chee Wah Yong (bass), Jennifer Ng (cajon/percussion) and Sim Yi Kai, our pianist for the evening.  With just 2 quick run-throughs on the actual day, the senior ensemble managed to pull this off during the concert (without me having to conduct, or play together with them) GOOD JOB! (i.e.: I’m not in the video)

Held at the Singapore American Club, students performed for their family and friends in this sold-out concert, before proceeding for delicious light refreshments.


Kudos to the entire studio, including the guest performers, for dressing up in fancy costume. It was indeed an enjoyable evening for everyone, and I’m looking forward to planning next year’s programme!

BEYOND- Hai Kuo Tian Kong (Violin Ensemble Cover)

Presenting my senior ensemble students, performing a piece that needs no further introduction. I would like to thank them for indulging the whims of their quirky violin teacher and putting up this performance! :) With just 2 quick run-throughs on concert day, they managed to stick together on their own as an ensemble! Super proud of them!!!