Lunar New Year



Happy Lunar New Year!! Hope everyone had a great long weekend holiday!!


Had a really awesome time playing for Giselle last week. Can’t wait to play for another ballet!


Am glad to have survived the crazy week of juggling rehearsals and performances, on top of my teaching schedule! It always feels great to be performingРI learn new things  and am inspired every rehearsal and every show. Not only does performing make what I teach relevant (and current), it gives me a reason to KEEP PRACTISING (ie: no slacking off!)- since I always have performances to prepare for.


Always stretch well before 6hrs of playing. Always stretch before and after sitting for extended periods of time. Avoid overdosing on caffeine.

Gave myself a few days off to rest my sore muscles, catch up on sleep, and I’m now feeling a lot better and refreshed! Not to mention, it’s great to finally have some time to spend with family and loved ones over this festive period.. and yes, all the new year goodies need a place to go… ie: my stomach..


A few more days to go till the end of January! It’s been a really fruitful January thus far! Gotta make the most of it before it ends!!

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